Monday, December 6, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been hectic what with our finally moving into the Rancho Mirage house. Number one, the house, grounds and pool are fantastically beautiful (If I may say so myself). M stuck tooth and nail to his vision - prodding me to not compromise. He worked diligently with the Pool designer and the Landscape architect, searched online for the optimum design of appliances, faucets, toilets and you-name-it. I am sure I might have settled for less but he persisted and our compromise (which I never believed I could do) turned out very well. Although the carpeting for the bedrooms is still somewhere at sea on it's way to us, over the Thanksgiving holiday we had our first guests: M's sister and bro-law. Stressed as I was with the move and prematurely having guests I made an attempt to behave and not get snarly. Thanksgiving dinner was at the Palm Springs restaurant Le Vallauris with J & C from San Fran, D & C who live in Palm Springs, the relatives visiting from Denver, M et moi. We had a great time and it was terrific to go home to our own house and not have to bother friends hosting us or check into another Gdamned hotel. I must admit moving out of Paris and into Rancho Mirage were not exactly dissimilar. Stress Stress Stress, but on many different levels. I vow to never do it again. Said he.
Now about the title of this blog: I wear what I call "Audio Enhancers", very commonly known as "Hearing Aids". Last evening, dining here at home, I took one of them out of my ear and placed it next to my plate. M had put almonds on the plate and without looking I mistakenly thought the Aid was an almond that had fallen off the plate (I wasn't wearing my glasses) and popped it into my mouth. One loud crunch made me realize I'd tried to eat my Hearing Aid. As I said: "I have been very stressed out"!

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