Sunday, November 7, 2010


"'re making a mess of me...". There is so much going on in my life right now that I actually feel I am doing nothing and accomplishing nothing. Yes, I voted! I can imagine Meg throwing down a couple of martinis at the conclusion of the results. "Waiter! Make it a double and hurry!" The endless renovation on house in RM is almost finished - moving in on the 18th,("God's ears" as my dear old grey haired mother used to say). The other evening Barry Krost was deservedly honored at an Aids Project Los Angeles cocktail reception held at Nieman Marcus Bev. Hills. Barry has, since the 80's, donated his time as a volunteer producer of many high-powered events and has raised thousands of dollars for the agency. Jackie Collins, Sidney and Joanna Poitier and many other donors warmly acknowledged our friend: the guest of honor. Nieman M generously provided booze, nibbles and eye-candy bartenders and waiters. Last night the Los Angles Symphony was conducted by the energetic Pablo Heras-Casado in an evening of music usually only programmed in a European city. The reason I say that is, for example, Debussy's Jeux is rarely played in this country. The rest of the program had the pianist Peter Serkin dynamically performing with the orchestra the Stravinsky Concerto for Piano and Winds and, a favorite of mine, the Takemitsu piece: Riverrun. The sensational evening ended with the beautiful Stravinsky Suite from Firebird. When I am in Paris I often attend concerts at either the Theatre Champs-Elysee or the Theatre Chatelet where I hear a certain type of musical fare. Last night I reflected on those Paris concerts and realized how fortunate we are to be listening similar music in Disney Hall. I guess after a while it all becomes a blur and the run run run is balanced by the quiet time. Doing nothing and accomplishing nothing isn't so bad, after all.