Friday, April 8, 2011


"Lois, Princess Radzivill is my correctly used title" she said.

I met Lois in the summer of 1951 at a fascinating bar, The Tropical Village, on Crystal beach in Ocean Park California. In addition to its gay clientele, the bar appealed to both the movie colony (Vivian Leigh, Lawrence Olivier, Rita Hayworth, the Aly Khan, etc.) and members of the international "jet-set". The TV, as it was called by regulars, was presided over by George Ball, a short, jovial proprietor who made it his business to introduce bar patrons to one another and keep the mood upbeat at all times.

Although there were several gay bars in the neighborhood, the "TV" offered patrons the pleasure of dancing to the music of a lesbian band, and a cabaret decadence reminiscent of Berlin in the 1920's, which was its primary attraction.

It was George who introduced the Princess and me, and within a short period of time we became intimate friends.

The following is an abbreviated story of a fairy tale princess:

Tall, blond and beautiful, each time the American born Lois Olson of Bismark, North Dakota entered a restaurant anywhere in the world, every male jumped to his feet to honor the internationally admired and now named - Lois, Princess Radzivill.